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SAFE 2008 – Annual Workshop on Semiconductor Advances for Future Electronics and SENSORS

27. - 28. November 2008

Das IMS ist mit drei Postern auf der SAFE 2008 in Veldhoven vertreten.

Poster 1
"Porous Silicon for Micro- and Opto-electronic applications: Fabrication technology and post-processing steps"
E. Angelopoulos, S. Ferwana, C. Harendt,
M. Zimmermann, W. Appel and J. Burghartz

Poster 2
"Ultra-Thin Chip Fabrication and Assembly Process"
Martin Zimmermann, Saleh Ferwana, Christine Harendt, Wolfgang Appel and Joachim N. Burghartz

Poster 3
"Accurate Measurement of Piezocoefficients in CMOS Transistors on Conventional and Ultra-Thin Silicon Chips"
N. Wacker, H. Rempp, S. Schmiel and J.N. Burghartz

Nähere Informationen zum "11. SAFE Workshop 2008" finden Sie unter

Ort: NH Koningshof Hotel, Locht 117, Veldhoven, Niederlande